5 top points to avoid while home moving – making the process facile 16/04/2021

5 top points to avoid while home moving – making the process facile

Moving simply includes – packing, loading, storing and transferring.

This may sound like a simple 4 step process but remains a really tedious one. And I want to help you to smooth your move. The do-it-yourself approach can be very tiring and messy affair.

Risking the belongings of your house can be daunting action, right? So being an experienced professional in this field let me guide you through few steps that can help you seat and see the things getting done with ease.

Moving companies can always an advisable option ensuring the proper packing, loading, and moving of your stuff. Ensured damage-free relocation of your wide-ranging goods is so relaxing, believe me.

  1. Not using a removal company

If you are moving from a 2 + bed house then you’re going to have a fair amount of household goods and personal effects to take with you, even at first glance you might think that there isn’t much however as soon as you start packing and the boxes start to tower over you, you will realise how much stuff you actually have. Experienced removal men are trained to carefully handle your goods, lift heavy items correctly as well as having all the equipment required to get the job done safely and efficiently. They know how to make the most out of the space available in the removal vehicle meaning a move that could take you 3-4 trips would take an experienced removal man just 1-2 trips.


  1. Parking where the removal van needs to be

If you are parked on the drive then you may want to consider moving your car so that the removal vehicle can be backed up as close as possible to the entrance of the house, it only takes a few minutes and it can save your removal men a lot of time and energy meaning the job will be done faster. If you live on a busy road or somewhere with restricted parking then consider contacting your local council and informing them of your move so that they can put in measures to help you, or politely advise your neighbours of you move and ask them to save you space.


  1. Using un-insured man and van services

You may see an old white van from time to time offering man and van services, you need to be careful when approaching these sole traders as its often they cut corners to save money so they can offer far cheaper quotes. Because of the low amount they charge it’s quite often that they will not arrive on the moving date if the weather conditions aren’t perfect or they can’t easily park outside your house. They are not there to offer a great service; they are there just to make a quick buck. Not all van and mans have regular appearances on rouge traders however, you may find an honest man and van who offers a good service, to be sure just check there reviews and if possible talk to someone else they have moved in the past.


  1. Not packing boxes correctly

The last thing you want to do is place all your fine china together in one loosely taped box with no padding and no markings to show which way it should be kept up or that the contents are fragile. No removal company would take any liability if those items were damaged because of the lack of care and attention gone into packing by the customer. All boxes with fragile items should be clearly marked with arrows showing which way the box should be kept upright and sufficient padding should be used.


  1. Not telling your removal firm about all your items you’re moving

When calling up a removal company for a quotation, they will often ask you to go through the amount of items that you have so that they can work out the amount of staff you will need, the size of the van required and how many trips it will take. All these are key factors of your quote including the distance required to travel so fuel expenses can be worked out. If you try to get your quote reduced by missing a lot of your goods out then it will only bite you back on moving day when you get one driver and a small transit van for your 3 bed house. Not only would it take all day but you would have to make additional payments for overtime and additional trips needed. Quite often though the driver will refuse the job if they believe that a larger team is required and you will have to book in for another day with the correct amount of staff and a larger removals vehicle.

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