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Moving interstate from Melbourne to Sydney? We can help!

“Beautiful one day and perfect the next.”

The motivating slogan that encourages the Australians to make Sydney as their new homes. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 43% of citizens have returned back home and the major chunk has moved interstate, mainly moved from Melbourne to Sydney.

Well, both the cities have their distinct charms that can make you fall in love with the places. You might often hear people asking “Which do you like the most?” while you keep moving from Sydney to Melbourne or Melbourne to Sydney, for some reason. And probably your answer will be “both the cities are wonderful in their own ways.” It becomes difficult to decide while both have their advantages, disadvantages, though both are near to your heart but for different reasons.

So here are few notions and feelings that will come to your mind when you move from Melbourne to Sydney.

You will surely feel you miss the ocean

Melbourne is closest to the sea and the best part is the upscale coastal suburb (Port Melbourne) have several seafood restaurants like Hunky Dory that does awesome fish and chips. Whereas being in Sydney you can enjoy the great ocean with vast serene beaches. It will be calming to experience the beauty away from the hubbub of the city while being near to it. Especially in the Northern beaches of Sydney which includes Palm Beach Whale Beach, Avalon and Bilgola.

Sydney has a railway link to its airport but no tram facility

“Oh, but you can always board Skybus!” It can be sort of option for the travellers or the people who stay in the south of the city. But the local transport is dismaying when compared to transportation facility of Melbourne. Trams are the lifelines of the city transportation. Then we realize the reason for it being called the most liveable city of the world. Okay, it’s a known fact that like the other public transportation trams are not on time always, but the positive side is they keep updating about the delays.

The reusable travel card ‘Myki’ is simple to use and are reasonably charged. On the other hand, Sydney’s traffic glitches are regular and they even don’t bother to update. Though the travel inconvenience raises a question in your mind “where are the trams?” It becomes a dream to get out of the door and simply board a Free city circular tram in Sydney. And now Sydney council is trying to get the tram facilities in the city and Sydney-residents can soon enjoy a great transport.

You don’t have to be a weather forecasting expert to get dressed

Aye, you’ll not need to pack all the stuff like sunglasses, an umbrella or a raincoat just in case you are going to the nearby shops. Sydney is a sunshine city, it will be weird if you hope for rains any day. The weather is quite predictable and you need to carry a sunscreen lotion and keep the raincoats and brollies in the cupboard. You can guess by the range of humidity in the city and know the moods of the sky. Completely contrary to Melbourne, it can be sunny an hour ago and then there can be a storm in the next hour. The weather of Melbourne is notorious for being stormy and grey.

You can find everything similar to your previous city

When you decide to move from Melbourne to Sydney, you have already started missing the surrounding and culture. But Sydney is the place where you can find diversity and you can find the same hipster vibe. Go to Surrey Hill, there you can find a lot of street art and hipster coffee shops brimming, where you will feel as if you are in Fitzroy. For a fine dining, you can head to South Yarra. If you are a shopping freak, you can start walking through Oxford Street running from Darlinghurst to Paddington can be heaven and you can explore the designer boutiques. As per the Asian Cuisine is concerned, Sydney has several options and leaves Melbourne a bit behind.

Now coming on to some other factors that can help you to make your move and stay easy.

Furthermore, we can assist you to settle in your new location by providing the basic required information, as we’ve it as our job to help you with everything that we can, regarding the places we send our clients being your moving partner.

So here are some of the factors which you must consider for your moving interstate:

Change your address

Never miss updating your address with the important official places like tax office, electoral roll, health facility provider, insurance firms, electricity or power proving agency, internet service providers and of course in your office. Completing all of these online can save your time and effort.

Licence registration

If you are moving to Sydney for more than 3 months, you must apply for a Sydney driver licence.

Quarantine attentions

To have control of the goods Australia has quarantine rules within the states. If you take any prohibited items, you will be charged on-spot fines. Prohibitions are based on the place you are coming from. For instance, if you are travelling from NSW you may take fruits with you other than bananas and mangoes but it is not allowed for the going from Western Australia.

Decide what you need

Relocating interstate requires you to pack almost all your stuff and it’s high time to decide what you actually need to take to your new dwelling. This will reduce your moving expenses and this is also how you can give the things to the people who need those most.

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