Moving to Sydney: A guide to interstate moving 16/04/2021

Moving to Sydney: A guide to interstate moving

First, let me tell you some awesome reasons to move to Sydney. Usually, it’s a beautiful city with a spectacular view of sea and beaches. This is just a bit to say, the place offers multiculturalism, economic stability, cost-effective housing and an amazing lifestyle.

The most popular beaches in Sydney include Tamarama, Bilgola, Freshwater, Bondi, Manly, Bronte and Avalon. The mesmerising natural beauty of each of these is so diverse.

Sydney coastal walk – Bondi to Coogee


This amazing coastal walk that extends about 6 kilometres and is one of the reasons for you to love the place more among the eastern suburbs. The walk will give you the view of stunning Sydney beaches, parks, cliffs, bays and rock pools. You can also opt to visit Maroubra – the beach-side suburbs.

Now let me inform you with finances, wages, and cost of living in Sydney

Undoubtedly your wages will be based on the type of job you are into. While you are unsure about how this specific job actually offers, you can take help of special salary calculators that can give you the idea of the specific salary for the designation you want. Being in Australia, Seek My career and Adecco are the important references for finding job opportunities.

If you don’t wish to spend a lump sum amount of $30,000 for getting a new car, roughly, monthly public transport will need you spend around AU $139, whereas choosing for taxi rides will generally cost you AU $22 for nearly 8km.

Next coming to the obvious question – where should I live?

Well, housing rent depends on the type, size of the house and the location you choose to live. The price is not too high for the normal areas but many are expensive for being in some expensive locations.

Hence, if you’re in a search for a house with furnishing and that is supposedly 85 square meters house (900Sqft) located in a luxurious area it may need you to spend around AU $3,786 monthly. Whereas, the same house in a normal area will range around $2,858.

Now, if you want a removal facility to move from Melbourne to Sydney or from any other suburb, you can always go for professional interstate removals.

The cost of moving is a concern, right?

So here are some of the estimated charges for the transit depending on the place you decide to move to Sydney. From Brisbane, if you need a 20ft shipping container it will cost you around $220. If you are moving from Melbourne to Sydney you may have to pay about $2425 and if it’s from Darwin you need to pay $3180.

Amazing weather of Sydney

The all happy weather of the city will be an added advantage. It may seem unimportant, but it is always incredible for a day out. The weather is outstanding, pleasant, and mild yet surprisingly has so-called four seasons… lazily giving place to each other. You can easily get accustomed to lasting summers, less chilling winters and shiny happy days.

Relish the global feast, eating out in Sydney

Probably Sydney is the best option in the country for people who have taste buds for a multi-cuisine food. When you feel like having steaming Vietnamese Pho, just go to Marrickville or Cabramatta. If you are an avid fan of the taste of Chinese food, head for Ashfield, Chatswood or Chinatown. You can visit Lakemba, or Auburn for experiencing the rich taste of falafel along with creamy garlic dip. You can eat your heart out as the city has several neighbourhoods to ever satisfy your taste buds.

Want to how much money you will need usually for food and drinks every day, that is sufficient for a family, on an average it would cost you AU $85. If you are interested in smoking on a regular basis, assure that you an extra amount of $25

Though you can never complain that you have fewer choices of food as the supermarkets offer a vast range of foods. Also, you can explore several various fast food options with distinct cultural backgrounds that you can’t complete tasting all those even in a years’ time.

Still, you can’t complain about the choice of food because not only do the supermarkets offer a wide range of goods, but there are so many various fast food places with different cultural backgrounds that it would take you more than a year to try out all of them.

Sydney consists of cities within cities

Spread over more than 12,000 square kilometres, and it has approximately 500 neighbourhoods. And each of it has its own beauty and distinct features. You can select the part in which you would love to live. With maximum people born overseas than in the other parts of Australia, Sydney is a distinct and multicultural city. And this makes interacting with new people is simple, have different experiences and get a place to stay called home.

Yet another enticing reason for the city to lure you – it’s a shopper’s paradise.

It offers international designer brands and has a great local weekend market, which makes shopping and window shopping a great delight. With various shopping options, Sydney is the place to get some of the most renowned fashion designers creations. For clothes, you can visit Glebe markets and also you can get awesome gift options there. If you are an avid fan of handmade goods Rocks Market is the place for you.